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Think Fashion. Art not Commodity. by Jay Ng

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photo diary, 8/16/14. by jay

Menswear Monday: Roshan of badvibesband


staying hydrated w/ fasianistablog


staying hydrated w/ fasianistablog

with avocado-beb in Sydenham //

Photo shoot with badvibesband today // 
Shareeka + Roshan + Viva + Dylan
Facebook: BAD VIBES
Instagram: @badvibesband

The Ethical Fashion Revolution

A recent fashion trend is changing how we value our clothes, writes Jay Ng.


In June 2014, a woman in the UK found a call for help written in the label of a Primark garment. Rumour circulated that the message was allegedly written by a Chinese prison worker, who claims that he has to work 15 hours a day to make clothes for Primark, a fast fashion chain. Another rumour says workers in Bangladesh sewed it. ‘Labelgate’ sparked discussions on the problems with fast fashion, after the tragedy happened in April 2013 at the Rana Plaza in Bangladesh. Numerous articles have been published on how unethical is a $2 t-shirt. Many suggest solutions or who to blame, but is anyone listening?

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All the way from USA to Australia… everlane

Saturday Style Inspiration // Zoe Kravitz

Saturday Style Inspiration // Zoe Kravitz

Jump // Photos by Andrew

Coffee run before library08.05.2014

Coffee run before library